The Pre-Release Review of Madden NFL 2018

Who doesn’t love playing Madden NFL? For those who don’t know, it is an American football game series of which 100 million copies have been sold to date. The latest game in this series is Madden 17 that was released in August 2016. This new edition has said to be one of the best Madden games yet. It has developed an up-to-date ground mechanics that give players a more balanced experience. Apart from this, the new defensive AI places the teammates of players into positions to halt the run or pass game. Moreover, in this version, few features also made a return such as Franchise Mode and Ultimate Team. The greatest thing is that many of the features of this game have been entirely upgraded and revamped to give players a better NFL experience.

As Madden 17 has surpassed players’ expectations, after playing and observing this game for some time, users have come up with a few ideas to make this extraordinary game even more exceptional. A lot of people have created wish lists online to state which new features should be added in the upcoming version i.e. Madden NFL 2018 and which trait should be enhanced and improved.

Madden 18 Image

Madden 18 Image

What Madden 18 Will Possible Bring

Well, we are not entirely sure about this part of the article as the game is not even announced yet. However, according to the diehard fans and followers of the Madden series who have played all the previous versions and are observing the changes of each published games thoroughly, here are some of the new features that might come with the upcoming Madden 18.

New Announcer

People have said that Phil Simms‘ same ol’ negative commentary sounds too monotonous with each game. They think that there should be a constant change of announcers and their announcing styles so that people can have more interest while playing.

Game Ticker

The players of Madden 17 has felt the need of a Game Ticker right at the bottom of the screen that displays all the information such as scores, statistics, and other similar things.

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New Coaches

Just like announcers, players have said that there should be different coaches for all the teams. As in the previous games, the same coach has been passed around three different teams, which is Mike McCarthy, rather than getting three separate new coaches. They said that there is a need of introducing new coaches in the upcoming game as the old ones make the game less exciting because players are used to them.,

Upgraded Franchise Mode

Gamers think that there should be an enhancement in the Franchise Mode. They said that there should be a separate option for playing the game both online and offline so that individuals can develop their strengths either way.

Madden NFL 2018 More Personalization

According to the gamers, it would be awesome if the upcoming version comes with more personalized features. People have said that they should be able to change the color of the teams and their logo the way they want. Moreover, they should be able to create their personalized schedule.


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