The Madden NFL 18 – The Upcoming Version of Madden Series

If you are a big NFL fan and have owned almost all of the games, you must be very excited for the upcoming Madden NFL 18. However, the release date of this game has not been officially announced yet, but if we observe the pattern of the previous releases, then it is set to be released probably in August of 2017. As all the earlier editions of this game are incredibly amazing, this new, forthcoming game in the chain is surely going to blow away the player’s mind. People are expecting a lot from Madden NFL 18 and like its predecessors, they are sure that it is going to exceed their expectations.

Since Madden 17 has just been made available in August 2017, officials haven’t said much about Madden 18. There is a lot of time to its release. However, the hardcore Madden lovers who have played M17 are now coming up with ideas of what the upcoming game should contain. They are also predicting how developers will enhance the game and make it better than before. Here are some of the things that M18 might possess.

Madden NFL 18 game photo

Madden NFL 18 game photo

Predictions Regarding Madden NFL 18

The Madden 18 Cover

Before we go deep into what changes the Madden NFL 18 game might have, let us have a look at who will be on the cover of Madden 18. There is a huge possibility that the officials might select one player from these fifteen players: Rob Gronkowski, Luke Kuechly, Von Miller, JJ Watt, Antonio Brown, Aaron Donald, Marshal Yanda, Julio Jones, Justin Houston, Khalil Mack, Aaron Rodgers, Tyron Smith, Geno Atkins, Tyrann Mathieu, and last but not the least Joe Thomas. The reasons behind picking these players are their achievements and the way Madden NFL selects players for its covers. We hope that like the previous year, the game keeps a voting system so that the public can decide who should be on the cover.

Possible Enhancements in the Game

  • Users have said that there should be Madden CPU game versions so that everyone can get access to it easily.
  • There are a lot of possibilities that developers might bring more depth to the statistics tracking feature. People are also predicting that the new game might come with the record tracking feature so that they don’t have to remember their score from the previously played seasons.
  • Also, another prediction is that the upcoming games might bring new coaches with them. As in the previous games, old coaches have been passed around from different teams. Right now, Mike McCarthy has been coaching three teams, which is why users think that it is necessary that all teams should get separate coaches.
  • There are chances that the new Madden 18 comes with easier controls in which all the thirty-two teams will be easily controllable.
  • Moreover, users are asking for more customization regarding team logo and color. They also want to be able to make personalized schedules.


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