Three Ways to Prepare for Madden 18 Before the Game Comes Out

It’s always a good idea to try and get a head start on the competition. Madden 18 is set to be released in late August, and when it comes out you’ll want to be ready to destroy your competition right away. We asked our friends at Madden School for a few early Madden tips, and these are the suggestions their pro Madden gamers came up with.

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Madden 18 Tips eBooks

Pick a Team Early, and Stick With It

The last thing you want to do when Madden NFL 18 comes out is constantly switch teams and playbooks. You need to establish your comfort level with one team and one playbook. Madden 17 has updated rosters, allowing you to play with the new free agent signings and rookies on your team.

Madden 18 will be different than Madden 17, but being a little more comfortable with how a team plays before the new game is released will set you incredibly far in front of the competition when the game launches in August.

Look Into Madden 18 Strategy Guides and eBooks

It isn’t uncommon for certain members of the Madden community to get the new game up to 2 weeks earlier than it’s available to the public. At that point, you have some of the best minds in Madden 18 playing the game for 18-20 hours a day for two weeks.

They will already know all of the best money plays and nano blitzes in Madden 18. At Madden School, we usually have one eBook about offense and one about defense completely finished by release day. Those are available to our Madden School Unlimited members, who receive all of our Madden strategy guides and eBooks.

If you’re more frugal, you can look up free plays on YouTube or other places around the internet. The quality isn’t nearly as good, but you can definitely still get an edge early on by just knowing one or two effective passing plays.

Pay Attention to Madden 18 News and Updates

Madden 17 included a whole bunch of new zone coverages on defense. Madden 18 will likely implement even more changes to gameplay. You should study up on what those new features and changes are and more importantly how to use them successfully. All of this can be done before the game comes out, so you don’t have to spend the first few days caught off guard because the gameplay is different.


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