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As one of the most popular sport franchises to ever bless the market of gaming comes near its annual release, we get updates about what’s new more frequently. Despite being one of the most popular running franchises of all time, every year we see new and old bugs appear in the games, and we as gamers can’t help but scratch our heads and wonder why these things happen. However, we hope to see some serious improvements in Madden 18, and here’s what we know and hope for.


Well, that just happened. After many years of dominance in the sport, Patriot’s superstar QB finally lands the role of the cover of Madden, that of course being Tom Brady. It was a wise move to finally give one of the best quarterbacks ever to play, as well as all the love/hate/controversy that comes along with Brady. This will also help their marketing as the Patriots are the most recent Super Bowl champs, claiming the title in one of the biggest comebacks period in NFL history. Another little fun fact is that this is the second New England stud to make the cover back-to-back as Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski claims the title for Madden 17.

The announcement of Brady on the cover has come with some mixed reactions, as expected. The controversy from Patriot’s previous season had a good amount of NFL fans upset, so when they found out that the leading role in that controversy, who even served suspensions at the beginning of the last season for his assumed actions, had them a bit-hot headed. However, the often times considered, GOAT of a QB, has a massive fan base, making the conflicts interesting to say the least.

Tom Brady Cover on Madden NFL 18 GOAT Edition

Tom Brady Cover on Madden NFL 18 GOAT Edition


As far as visuals go, this should easily be the best-looking Madden game to date, with the addition of the Frostbite Engine. This engine is popular among the “Battlefield” titles from DICE, (The makers of the Frostbite engine.) and the most recent EA sports title to utilize it, FIFA 17. This is a great move from EA, as this will really step up the level of realism that the game will bring.

Currently, not all too much is known about how exactly the game will look with the new engine. But it’s safe to assume that attention to detail and lighting will most likely blow fans of the series, both old and new, out of the water. It is also worth mentioning that the same team that was a significant role in the graphics for EA’s title, “Star Wars Battlefront” is aiding the visuals for Madden 18 as well. However, besides the obvious visual upgrades coming Madden 18’s way, additions such as new weather effects and fireworks are set to be on the list as well.

Release Date

Madden NFL 18 has an official release date of August 25th, 2017 and will be released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As with any game title these days, Madden 18 will launch with two separate editions, standard and the G.O.A.T. edition.

Madden NFL 18 Game

Madden NFL 18 Game

Standard Edition (pre-order):

  • One elite NFL player for “Ultimate Team”
  • Five squad packs

G.O.A.T. Edition (pre-order):

  • One elite NFL player for “Ultimate Team”
  • Five squad packs
  • One G.O.A.T. NFL player for “Ultimate Team”


Again, not all too much is yet known about how specifically the game will play, but we do know a few new editions are coming. One of these new features is the new trio of play styles being added into the game,

  • Arcade Style- Will allow players to create normally difficult or nearly impossible plays with much more ease and has the feature of reduced penalties.
  • Competitive Style- For the true Madden expert, offers big risk and big reward plays.
  • Simulation Style- As real as it gets. This style will let you play just like you’re in the league.

Also, something else to mention is the brand-new feature of target passing. This gives more freedom to the player as you can now pass to anyone who you think you can place it to, rather than having to have someone completely open. It adds a whole new level or realism to the game, making it one of the more appealing features of Madden 18.

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