Madden 2018 Trailer

Fans are waiting restlessly for the Madden 18 trailer to be released. The trailer will speak volumes about what the game will hold for us. Many questions run through the head when thinking about the game, and we believe that the trailer will be the answer to those questions. Will the developers add more features to the game? Will they step up the graphics? Will it come up to our expectations or maybe even exceed them?

The Madden 17 trailer had answered our questions about the game when it was first released, and the game was a huge success. However, as human nature, we wanted more from the game in its next release and we upped our level of requirements. Every time, the developers have been true to our needs, so will it be the same with Madden 18?

Switching engines

With the technology evolving so fast and the gaming consoles being upgraded after every little while, it has become hard for video game companies to develop a game that is compatible with every type of gaming console. This requires many different engines to be run together and even then, there are some consoles that the game cannot run on. It is due to this reason that Madden 18 developers have decided that the game will be moved to a frostbite engine. This will allow it to be run on almost any gaming console, giving players the same features and experience.

Switching to a frostbite engine will also give developers more time to focus on improving the game rather than spending all their time developing the game’s engine.

Madden 18 Trailer Image NFL 2018

Madden 18 Trailer Image NFL 2018

Madden 18 trailer

So what else will the Madden 18 trailer reflect about the game? Now that we know that the developers are planning on switching the engines, we should give them more time to focus on improving the game. With the trailer, we will find out what major impacts has been made on the game. The release date of the trailer is not certain yet, but once it has been released, it will decide whether fans will be running to purchase the game or if it is not at par with the expectations.

The Madden game, being the most desired football game of all time, has many expectations attached to itself. Only with the end product will the decision be taken whether the new features were worth the wait. The trailer, however, will give us a sneak peek into the game, setting our level of outlook of the game.


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