Madden 18 Wishlist – What Fans Crave For

Madden 18 Features Wishlist

There are quite high expectations associated with the Madden series and Madden 18 Wishlist. The series has witnessed some impressive improvements with every new edition, but there are still some changes that fans wish to see. Thus, we are going to shed some light on the Madden 18 wishlist, compromising of the changes that would make the game more interesting.

The Madden 18 wishlist comprises of the stuff that fans with to see as part of the Madden series. Let us take a look at some of the Madden 18 expectations that fans have.

Simplifying the process of picking players

When we talk about Madden 18 expectations, this is one thing that most fans want. They hope to see a functioning draft which would enable them to pick players on their orders. This would certainly simplify things a good deal.

Getting rid of monotony

Fans are of the opinion that a versatile AI is needed for the game. This would mean that the players would be able to adjust or jump the route instead of going through the same route again and again. This would ensure that monotony does not become a part of the game.

Bringing about changes during the game

A detailed superism seems to be a good idea. This would make the game more engrossing and permit fans to be the coach. The fans should have the option to call plays, make substitutions, and set strategies. Such changes would make the fans more involved in the game.

Getting assistant coaches on board

The idea of having an assistant coach seems rather appealing. You can hire coaches and enlist them. Some coaches endeavor to turn into a head coach, while there are some who do not have any qualms over remaining an assistant mentor for a long duration.

Opting for a realistic touch

This is something that should be contemplated on. Former players can be made mentors or coaches, which is a practical option and is close to reality as well. This will increase the interest levels of the game.

Madden 18 Wishlist

Madden 18 Wishlist

Madden 18 Wishlist: Customization mode

To make fans more involved in the game and to make it more personalized, this is an interesting option. This mode will allow fans to customize everything related to the game including programs, schedule, ratings and so on. This will give the game a personalized touch to the fans.

Decking up the players

This would certainly be a dream come true for the fans. Fans want officially licensed stuff that they would be able to deck their players. Cleaning option along with a story mode are also some of the changes that should be brought about.

These are some of the changes that fans wish to see in their favorite Madden series. Making these changes would make the game more captivating and increase their involvement in it. You cannot go wrong with these changes as they will serve to make the game more advanced.


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