NFL Madden 18 Release Date Prediction

One of the most watched and cheered for sports of all time is American football. We especially love it when it’s the NFL championship. Countless of us take days off in order to prepare for and watch the games. We choose our team and cheer them on when they are winning, we cry when they are losing, and we almost give up when they actually lose a game. We relive the entire episode when the season starts again.

It’s not just that we love to watch the NFL games; we love to be a part of it and associate ourselves with the players. What better way to be a part of these prestigious games than playing as a part of your beloved team. That’s the dream that most football fans live by, but since we are not professional athletes, we cannot be a part of the actual team – we would never be picked by anyone! So the best alternative was provided to us in the form of Madden, the NFL video game that allows us to be a part of various teams and play with the players that we love so much.

The last Madden game to be released was Madden 17, and most of us are currently regular players of the game. It got us hooked since we saw its trailer. Now we know that next year, Madden 18 will be released, many football fans cannot wait. It is said to be the best ever of the Madden series to come out.

Madden 18 Release Date

Madden 18 Release Date Imag

What we are expecting

We have packed a lot of hope and expectations from the to be released Madden 18. Though Madden 17 is loved by many fans out there and has been a huge success, there is still some room for improvement. We can only hope that the developers did a bit of research before they began with the development. This way, they would know what their target audience requires and what their expectations are from Madden 18. One thing that matters most is that some improvement can be made in the graphics of the game. This would give it a more lifelike touch, which would give the fans a true feel of the game.

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The Madden 18 release date prediction

The anticipation regarding the release of Madden 18 is building up as time is passing. People are waiting till the company announces the new features and releases the new game’s trailer so that they know what the future holds. Though the actual release date of the game has not been announced yet, it is said that the features of the game will be announced on June 13, 2017. The actual release date of the game, as mentioned before, has not been disclosed yet, but one can easily say that the Madden 18 release date will fall in August 2017. Just a little more time and we will know the actual release date. Till then, fans will wait in anticipation.

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