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American football is a very thrilling, competitive sport that many people enjoy. The adrenaline rush and the action-packed experience that the sport provides ensure it a number of fans and people who simply love to play the sport. Due to this craze about football, there have been a fair lot of video games made for the famous sport as well, but one of the trademark NFL video games is the Madden NFL series.


Starting out with John Madden Football – supported by MS-DOS – which basically was the first game released in June of 1988, the Madden NFL series has made major progress throughout the years and has made a major impact on the video game industry, especially since it’s a series developed by EA Sports.

Up until the year 2000, the game’s cover featured pictures of the famous John Madden, but ever since the release of Madden NFL 2001, the covers feature famous players from almost every team of the NFL. Although most of the fans of the series say that the best game of the series was the old Madden NFL 05, released in 2004, but it’s easily said that the series has maintained its prestige and wonderful in-game mechanics throughout the years, since the last release in August, 2016 of Madden NFL 17 has also been very promising with a lot of great reviews and user experience.

madden-18-cover-floyd image

madden-18-cover-floyd image

What to Expect

The recent Madden NFL 15 and Madden NFL 16 featured brilliant graphics and the developers had focused on the game mechanics of defense and receiving since the league itself shifted more onto the two play styles. In the Madden 17, the brilliant graphics were made even more realistic and the video game released on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 as well as PC made for a very successful video game that is said to have one of the majorly effective feature changes since Madden 05.

Fans and players of the Madden NFL video game series long await the 2017 release, since the latest release itself has been very pleasing and had introduced extra move sets into the game like the option to spin, juke or stiff arm effectively in the game to give it a very smooth, worthwhile gameplay. Adding to that, the Skill Trainer option in the gameplay ensures beginners or even followers of the Madden NFL series to get used to the new skills and features offered.

Madden NFL 18 will feature even better graphics and in-game mechanics and one can expect a lot from it, since EA Sports – and especially the famous Madden NFL series itself – never fails to deliver.

Release Date

Although the release date of the much-awaited game Madden 18 hasn’t been officially announced, players and fans can expect it to be released in the ending few months of 2017 as this is the common release date pattern of many trademark video games.

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