Changes That Fans Would Like to See in Their Favorite Madden NFL Series

The Madden series seems to be quite the rage. The popularity of the series seems to be increasing with every new edition, but there is always scope for improvement. Via the Madden 18 wishlist, we are going to shed some light on these improvements. The Madden 18 wishlist comprises of the things that fans would like to see a part of their favorite game. There are certain expectations that fans have from Madden 18. Fulfilling these expectations can increase the popularity that the series enjoys.

Let us take a look at some of the Madden NFL 18 expectations that fans have.

Madden 18 Expectations Image

Madden 18 Expectations Image

Functioning Draft

To make things simpler for the fans, it would make quite a bit of difference if there was a functioning draft board for Madden 18. This would make it easier for them to pick guys and simplify the whole process.


The inclusion of a versatile AI is something that should be contemplated on. This would ensure that the game does not become monotonous, and the same things are not repeated.

Assistant Coaches

It seems like a good idea to include the feature of assistant coaches in the series. The assistant coach that the player hires should then be unavailable to the rest of the team for a couple of years and the other team should be rendered incapable to interview him. His presence should make a significant change to the team.

It also seems like a practical and appealing option to rope on former players as coaches. This would make the game quite interesting.

MyLeague Mode

This is something that should be given serious thought to. This would permit players to customize the game with changes being brought about in programs, games, schedule and much more. This would make them more involved in the game.

Authorized Stuff

To make the game more interesting and real, it would be a good idea to get officially licensed stuff that the fans would be able to use to deck the players. Changes can be brought about in their whole attire.

Madden Ultimate Team Application

Fans should be provided the opportunity to manage their teams, open packs, auctions players and much more. Playing the games at Wembley would be a nice touch.


The return of some former equipment such as coin toss would make the game more interesting.

Playing the Game in Advance

There should be an option for the fans to play the games for the next week in advance if both teams have played their previous games. This would ensure that they are able to play as per their convenience.

Making some of these changes would surely serve to increase the excitement around the Madden series. It would make the fans feel more involved and ensure that they remain hooked to the series. The Madden 18 wishlist is something that should be taken a look at so that heed is paid to what the fans want.


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